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Artwork & Material Deadline: February 1, 2023         

Kentucky Exposition Center

Attendee Engagement

Headshot LoungeExhibitor: $17,485 / Non-Exhibitor: $20,175

Give your customers publish quality photo headshots, perfect for social media accounts and resumes. Headshot Lounge is “brand immersion” at its best, each guest spends 15 minutes in the Lounge. The entire guest experience is scripted from entry into the booth, to sales lead collection before the guest exits. At each opportunity, event and advertiser messaging is communicated. The promotion is customized and branded for you.

Make it Social – iPad kiosks enable attendees to immediately uploaded their photo to their social media accounts and email a digital copy to themselves. These social media activities are completely branded for the advertiser.

Printed Photo Mementos – For immediate gratification, branded photos are printed on the spot and hand delivered to each guest. Include your branding or not.

Sales Data Capture – As attendees queue for pictures, advertisers take advantage of this idle time for collecting sales information or for product education. All guests must answer sales qualifying questions to participate. Your sponsor creates the questions, we report them.

This Promotion Includes

  1. High traffic location
  2. (1) Site manager & stylist
  3. (1) Photographer
  4. Photo email & social share software
  5. Branded print headshot photo (4”W X 6”H)
  6. Branded email & digital photo for each attendee
  7. Sponsor survey collection
  8. Branded sponsor email
  9. Post event ROI report

Putting ChallengeExhibitor: $8,125 / Non-Exhibitor: $9,375

Golf Skills & Contest Fun A show floor experience designed to immerse your customers in branding, lead capture and contest fun. Event guest are invited to compete in Putting Challenge and test their skills. Event guests have three putts, top finishers are recorded on a leader board and invited to play a final playoff round at the end of the show. Watch as guests gather to compete and check their leaderboard standing.

Lead Generation – Each guest must complete a sales survey prior to play.

Advertising Features – Bold signage will quickly identify the proud sponsor. Uniformed and scripted brand ambassadors will meet and greet your guests.

Brand Immersion – Immerse your clients in your brand. Each prospect spends 10 minutes at this promotion. Your brand, your banner, scripted brand ambassadors and this engaging experience will envelope your clients. Your message will be heard and remembered.

This Promotion Includes

  1. High foot traffic location (20’w X 10’d)
  2. Bold signage
  3. Sales survey collection
  4. Scripted brand ambassador
  5. Contest management

Brand Immersion

Directional SignsExhibitor: $1,200 / Non-Exhibitor: $1,400

Available to three companies. Each company will receive three directional signs to display their company ad or logo and booth number. Directionals will be positioned throughout the South Wing Concourses B and C.

Sign size is 38″ x 87″ (live area is 38 x 80″) with bottom 7″ covered by base.

Sponsor requirements: supply artwork or company logo in eps format

Bus Drop Off Column WrapExhibitor: $3,500 / Non-Exhibitor: $4,200

Six sponsors can promote their company and product with a column wrap available along the South Wing C concourse meeting rooms.  Size of column wrap is 10′ x 110″ (add 2″ for velcro).

Sponsor requirements: supply artwork

Bus Drop Off Door Cling$1,800 per spot / $2,160 per spot

Display your company ad on a double-sided graphic visible to attendees entering from the main bus drop off entrance of South Wing Lobby C. Ad will be placed in the area below the crash bar. Limit of Eight (8) spots.  Size of door cling is 29.12″ x 23.62″.

Sponsor requirements: supply artwork

Bus Drop Off Window Cling$2,800 per spot / $3,360 per spot

Display your company logo or ad on a double-sided graphic visible to attendees entering from the main bus drop off entrance of South Wing Lobby C. Ads vary in size based on location chosen. Limit of Nine (9) spots.

Sponsor requirements: supply artwork

Indoor BannerExhibitor: $3,640 / Non-Exhibitor: $4,368

Promote your presence by hanging a company banner in the South Wing B Lobby (exit area from Indoor Exhibits to Outdoor Exhibits). Seven (7) possible locations available.

Sponsor requirements: supply artwork

LanyardsExhibitor: $1,500 per 1000 / Non-Exhibitor: $1,800 per 1000

Four sponsors can advertise their company name and/or booth number on the lanyards distributed in registration.

Sponsor requirements: supply No-Twist Double Bulldog Clip style lanyard. No other style will be accepted. Sponsor will be contacted regarding the quantity to supply.

Nap Pod Lounge & Sound GardenExhibitor: $5,070 incl. 2 pods / Non-Exhibitor: $5,850 incl. 2 pods

The solution to convention tension, high-tech recharge pods and lounge, splashed with branding to immerse your guests in hospitality and shows fatigue modern trends. Recharge Pods are state of the art recliners designed to amaze your guests by “turning-off” trade. Each Pod envelopes guests with music-noise cancelling headsets and ergo recliner.

Scripted Brand Ambassadors – Scripted brand ambassadors welcome event guests to the lounge, wearing your signature uniform and handing out your promotional materials

Lounge Guest Services – This lounge comes complete with two Nap Pod chairs, headset music & four aromatherapy stick flavors, branded lounge and scripted brand ambassador. This bouquet of services will be enjoyed and remembered.

Premier Placement – Nap Pods & Lounge will be placed in high-traffic expo locations for all to see and enjoy.

This Promotion Includes

  1. Two Recharge Nap Pods
  2. Two Branded Information Signs
  3. Eight Music-Noise Canceling Headsets
  4. Aroma Therapy Sticks
  5. Mobile Engagement & survey collection
  6. Scripted Brand Ambassadors
  7. Lounge Branding

Pens in RegistrationExhibitor: $500 per 500 / Non-Exhibitor: $600 per 500

Two sponsors can supply 500 pens each with company logo and/or booth number which will be placed on counters throughout registration.

Sponsor requirements: supply pens with company logo and booth number

Product Literature BagsExhibitor: $1,000 per 1,000 / Non-Exhibitor: $1,200 per 1,000

Four sponsors can promote their company by supplying Expo bags with company logo and/or booth number for attendees. Company may include product literature. Bags are placed on racks throughout the Registration Concourse and main entrance to the Indoor Exhibition Hall.

Sponsor requirements: supply bags with company logo and booth number

Rotating Ad KioskExhibitor: $1,900 per panel / Non-Exhibitor: $2,280 per panel

Sponsors can market their company’s show message on a free standing, backlit rotating kiosk panel (there are four panels per kiosk). Kiosks are positioned throughout the Registration Concourse, Main Lobbies, and Indoor Exhibition Hall.

Sponsor requirements: supply production ready artwork in eps format (size: 42″ w x 68″ h)

Charging StationExhibitor: $4,200 / Non-Exhibitor: $5,040

A mobile device charging station is prominently located on the show floor providing attendees the ability to recharge. One company can provide product literature to be placed in the station. Signage with company name, booth number and logo will be provided.

Sponsor requirements: supply logo in eps format

Self Check-In KioskExhibitor: $2,000 each / Non-Exhibitor: $2,400 each

Two (2) available stations. Stations will be located in the South Wing C Registration Lobby Area. These stations will allow attendees that have already registered and received a barcode confirmation letter to get their badge without having to go to a registration counter. Your company logo and booth number will brand the station.

Sponsor requirements: supply company logo in eps format

Indoor Exhibit Hall:

Indoor Exhibit Aisle SignsExhibitor: $4,500 / Non-Exhibitor: $5,400

Three (3) companies can promote their logo and/or booth number on aisle signs, front and back, alternated in the indoor exhibition hall (sponsor area is 5’w x 3’h).

Sponsor requirements: supply company logo and/or booth number


Online Registration Banner AdExhibitor: $3,500 / Non-Exhibitor: $4,200

Act Now! Registration opened September 1, 2022 and will remain open through March 13, 2023!

With over 80 percent of registrants registering online, one company can promote their company web site and/or booth location by placing a company banner ad on the Attendee Registration Homepage.

Sponsor requirements: supply banner ad in GIF or JPG at 1140 x 300 pixels

External Branding:

Bus Route PromotionExhibitor: $5,300 incl. 3 Ads / Non-Exhibitor: $6,075 incl. 3 Ads

The route will consist of six (6) sponsor buses running between two (2) routes during peak Expo hours. The buses run to and from designated hotels in the HPBExpo housing block and Kentucky Exposition Center. Each company’s artwork will be placed along the entrance side (2’ x 39’ sign).

Sponsor requirements: supply artwork

Exit to Outdoor Burn Column Wrap Exhibitor: $3,500 / Non-Exhibitor: $4,200

Five sponsors can promote their company and product with a column wrap ad. Three (3) locations are available in the South Wing Lobby B and two (2) locations are available outside the entry doors to South Wing Lobby B.

Sponsor requirements: supply artwork – add 2″ for velcro

Exit to Outdoor Burn Door Cling Exhibitor: $1,800 per spot / Non-Exhibitor: $2,160 per spot

Display your company ad on a double-sided graphic visible to attendees exiting from the Indoor Exhibits to the Outdoor Burn Exhibits in the South Wing Lobby B. Ad will be placed in the area below the crash bar. Limit of Ten (10) spots.  Size of door cling is 29.12″ x 23.62″.

Sponsor requirements: supply artwork

Outdoor Walkway Graphic AdExhibitor: $1,300 / Non-Exhibitor: $1,500

Promote your company and booth location by placing an ad on the walkway leading to the Outdoor Burn Area.

Sponsor requirements: supply artwork

HPBExpo Headquarters Hotel Room KeysExhibitor: $5,500 / Non-Exhibitor: $6,600

One (1) exhibitor can promote their company and booth number on the hotel keys distributed to HPBExpo guests at the headquarters hotel, the Omni Louisville in the HPBExpo Housing Block.

Sponsor requirements: supply artwork (limited to 4-color image)

How to Submit Order Form

Submit Order Form To: Tanya Karkiewicz: karkiewicz@hpba.org

For further assistance, please contact Tanya at (703) 522-0086 ext. 117.