A Recipe for Talent Management: Attracting and Retaining Top Talent (morning; included in Saturday Education Pass)

The US is currently facing the lowest levels of unemployment since 1969. As unemployment decreases, voluntary turnover increases. Most often, it is the top talent that resigns, not the low performing staff. Can you identify employees with “one foot out the door”? Are you prepared to retain the high performers in your organization? An aging workforce and shifts in technology make attraction and retention in the baking industry even more critical and challenging. This session will highlight trends in the baking industry, actionable tools across the employee experience: from attracting employees, retaining top talent, identifying the symptoms of turnover, to addressing root causes of turnover. Retensa Retention Experts will present an informative, interactive seminar for participants to apply real-world strategies and tactics to recruit, motivate and retain top talent.

PRICE: Included in $125 Saturday Education Pass