Julien Otto

Chef Julien Otto is a Chef Instructor for the Bread and Pastry programs at The French Pastry School in Chicago. In 2000 and 2001, Chef Otto won gold medals at the European Expo, while only a first-year pastry/baking apprentice. Since then, he has won many international competitions including the Best Apprentice in France Competition, where he received the gold medal with special recognition by the jury, and the Louis Lesaffre Cup where only the most accomplished chefs in the world are selected to compete. His experience includes having an integral technical development role at CSM Bakery Solutions, an international leader in the industry. The early days of his career were spent in Strasbourg, France where he worked at Wahl Christian Pâtisserie and Klugesherz Pâtisserie. Chef Otto has Certificates of Professional Aptitude (CAP) in Baking and in Pastry & Chocolate, a Professional Degree (Brevet Professionnel) in Baking, and a Masters in Baking (Brevet de Maîtrise Supérieur)