Rick Crawford

Rick Crawford has been in the Baking Industry since 1974. He has worked in the supermarket industry, bakery franchisee, retail baking – full line, wholesale baking (plant level) and is now the Managing Partner of The RPIA Group. Rick is also a Bakery Specialist for Whalen Packaging. He has a passion for Food Safety and has built and implemented HAACP Plans and is a Certified Food Defense Coordinator. He served in Baking Trade Associations in one form or another for the last 30 years.

In addition he taught at Ivy Tech Community College. He has taught Baking Science and Bakery Merchandising. He wrote a text book “How to Open and Operate a Retail Bakery” for J. Wiley & Sons. The text printed in September in September 2013. More about Rick can be found on his LinkedIn page.

The Business of Baking is one way The RPIA Group can give something back to the industry. All of the founders were at the same place as the attendees over 40 years ago. Sharing lessons and hip pocket knowledge is part of the legacy of the baking industry.