Rodger Coan

Rodger Coan is a Baking Professional at the AIB International in Manhattan Kansas. He is a Baking Science and Technology graduate with experience in fresh and frozen snack cakes, sweet rolls, donuts, breads, and laminated dough products. Throughout his thirty-six year career, Rodger has continuously challenged himself by taking on new and increasing roles of responsibility within the bakery food manufacturing industry. After his first ten years as an employee on the production floor, Rodger held the positions of Manager of Continuous Improvement, Materials Management and Inventory Control, Divisional Manager of Research and Development, Plant Director of Operations, and Plant Manager. He has facilitated the design and installation of production lines and has managed two plant start-ups. Rodger has a passion for passing on his knowledge of and experience with the art and science of baking through training classes and in-plant troubleshooting.